Devonvale Golf and Wine Estate in Stellenbosch

Devonvale Golf and Wine Estate in Stellenbosch boasts a magnificent 18-hole Championship golf course designed by Ken Elkin. The course length is 5075m (Men) and 4993m (Women) and the club has stylish 5-star change rooms for ladies and gentlemen.

Hole 1 - Par 4

Distances (meters):
Competition: 325
Men: 281
Ladies: 255
Seniors: 279

Uphill hole with out of bounds (OB) on the left and danger of lying behind trees if you head too far off to the right, the pin is further than you think because of the uphill lie. Possibly one more club? Be aware of the greenside bunkers back left and on the right side. The green slopes from back to front, so being short of the pin will make your put a bit easier, but dont be scared to give the ball a solid roll.

Hole 2 - Par 5

Distances (meters):
Competition: 464
Men: 455
Ladies: 435
Seniors: 400

Aim for the Plateau on the left side of the fairway, as there is a good slope down from left to right, which encourages your ball to roll down. Watch out for the OB area along the left of the fairway. A good lay up will allow an easy approach shot to a fairly flat green (except for the obvious slope on the right) but the green is protected by a bunker on the left.

Hole 3 - Par 5

Distances (meters):
Competition: 491
Men: 453
Ladies: 429
Seniors: 442

An intimidating tee shot on the left and hazard on the right. Accuracy is vital! Once past the hazard (The Valley of Sin!) the fairway opens up to the right and a fairly easy second and approach shot will be rewarded. The majority of the green is level but be aware of the slope at the back right, which is less active than what meets the eye.

Hole 4 - Par 4

Distances (meters):
Competition: 354
Men: 325
Ladies: 293
Seniors: 295

The first Dogleg of the course, this one is to the left hugging yet another OB area! Aiming towards the right will open up the green, leaving a brilliant opportunity to impress your fourball with your approach shot (but beware of the dams on the left and right joined together by a canal). The green is fairly large with slopes from either side.

Hole 5 - Par 3

Distances (meters):
Competition: 184
Men: 167
Ladies: 149
Seniors: 165

A fairly challenging par 3 with water on the right that has a magnetic pull on your ball. You have been warned! There is a slight slope running from the right, but mainly on the right side of the green.

Hole 6 - Par 4

Distances (meters):
Competition: 359
Men: 320
Ladies: 297
Seniors: 311

Uphill hole that runs around our main dam. A daring play would be to go over the dam wall on the left as this will leave you with a short approach shot into the green. More conservatively, head straight up the fairway and look out for the water on the right. The large green is relatively flat, but the challenge lies in keeping focused and not being distracted by the views of the clubhouse and beyond, across the dam.

Hole 7 - Par 4

Distances (meters):
Competition: 360
Men: 348
Ladies: 308
Seniors: 342

A good drive will be rewarded by a long run on this down hill hole, also making your approach a little shorter, but one must make a choice under or over? With the lie of the land running downhill from right to left, your ball will have a tendency to run left. Tricky green, with lines running both ways!

Hole 8 - Par 4

Distances (meters):
Competition: 316
Men: 273
Ladies: 246
Seniors: 262

Originally a very long par 3 on a serious slope, it has now been levelled from earth taken from the dam when we increased its holding capacity in 2004. Big hitters can drive the green but must watch out for the hazard that runs on the left, almost the length of the fairway. The two-tier green will keep you humble!

Hole 9 - Par 3

Distances (meters):
Competition: 184
Men: 145
Ladies: 116
Seniors: 140

The wind on this hole will determine your club selection; play for the centre of the green as there is real danger on the left just waiting for your ball and two pot bunkers on the right. Putting is fairly straight forward on this large green, so if you are on for one or two a birdie or par is a great breakfast meal as a reward in halfway house!

Hole 10 - Par 4

Distances (meters):
Competition: 414
Men: 394
Ladies: 332
Seniors: 387

A great hole to bring out the driver! Nothing holding you back here now that the tree has gone so give it your best shot. Keep an eye on the vines (OB) on the right and the fairway bunker on the left. Don't be deceived by the level of the green.

Hole 11 - Par 5

Distances (meters):
Competition: 476
Men: 458
Ladies: 438
Seniors: 448

A challenging dog-leg right with vines (OB) on the right side, aim towards the left of the fairway if there is a South Easter blowing. Make a judgement call for your club selection for your second, either lay up before the drainage ditch or go for the green which is fairly protected by bunkers on the left and right side. Look for the slight slope towards the left.

Hole 12 - Par 4

Distances (meters):
Competition: 304
Men: 288
Ladies: 267
Seniors: 277

Straight forward hole, but again there is OB on the right and a big tree on the left putting skill to the test for those who try to drive the green. A bunker lies in waiting for those who leave it short. Finally an easier green to read, there are on secrets here!

Hole 13 - Par 3

Distances (meters):
Competition: 138
Men: 126
Ladies: 107
Seniors: 124

Very rewarding hole to birdie or even par, this green is well protected by bunkers, but likely not too deep! Don’t expect much movement on your putt, one ball here or one ball there…

Hole 14 - Par 4

Distances (meters):
Competition: 388
Men: 374
Ladies: 305
Seniors: 319

Don't be intimidated by the stroke, instead play a soft draw to land in front of the drainage hazard that runs across the fairway. Try to play your approach shot short so that it runs on to the green as it is hard and fast. Speed is of the essence when putting.

Hole 15 - Par 4

Distances (meters):
Competition: 347
Men: 323
Ladies: 291
Seniors: 313

Aim for the water hazard to avoid the fairway bunker on the left and taking the tree in front of the green out of play (check the distance to the water carefully!). A steep slope on the right of the green as well as a bunker should be attacked with care, take note of the pin placing.

Hole 16 - Par 3

Distances (meters):
Competition: 224
Men: 208
Ladies: 188
Seniors: 202

A very long hole, so don't be shy to give it a good smack! The green is slightly elevated which helps to slow the ball, but the green is fairly small compared to others, and running off the back is not recommended! The green slopes from left to right but has little contours to take into account when putting.

Hole 17 - Par 5

Distances (meters):
Competition: 425
Men: 412
Ladies: 318
Seniors: 400

One of our signature holes, can be made easier by hugging the left tree to cut the corner, which will leave you in a good position to lay up to in front of the water hazard (take note of the two bunkers on each side of the fairway when laying up). An easy pitch or high iron over the water on to the green for a straight putt, no need to read too much into it.

Hole 18 - Par 4

Distances (meters):
Competition: 383
Men: 355
Ladies: 254
Seniors: 321

Keep it together for the last hole of the day and drive your ball up the hill towards the right of the fairway to open up the green for your approach shot. The green is protected on the left and right with bunkers, but again don't look for too much movement from the green.

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